Kingly Saxon Albrecht-Order

The Albrecht-Order was founded by King Friedrich August von Sachsen at 31.12.1850 in remembrance to Duke Albrecht der Beherzte (the brave-hearted), father of the Albertinian Line. It was thought for everybody, who has rendered useful services for the state, for civil virtue, science and art.

There were five classes : Großkreuz, Komturkreuz I., Komturkreuz II., Ritterkreuz and Kleinkreuz
(Greatcross, Commandercross I., Commandercross II., Knightcross and Littlecross)

18.03.1858 Renaming of Kleinkreuz to Ehrenkreuz (Honourcross) and creation of a sixth class with a golden and silver Verdienstmedaille (Meritmedal).
29.10.1866 Founding of the Verdienstkreuz (Meritcross) in Field with Swords.
09.12.1870 Founding of the Verdienstkreuz with Swords at Ring.
02.02.1876 Remove of the medals and dividing of the Ritterkreuz in two classes, instituting of the former Goldmedaille as Albrechtsorder.
30.04.1884 Großkreuz also in gold.
11.06.1890 Founding of the Offizierskreuz (Officerscross) between Komturkreuz II.Class and Ritterkreuz I.Class.

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