National Saxon Institutions

The following national Saxon institutions in Dresden were disbanded or regrouped after the civil revolution 1831 and the subsequent civil-liberal reform of the constitution and administration.

The Geheime Cabinet
The instruction from 01.06.1706 constituted the hitherto existing cabinets-expedition as Geheimes Cabinet and as the highest central authority of the land, with a department minister for foreign-, inner- and militairy affairs. It was direct subordinated to the Saxon elector and king. The regulations of 01.11.1710 and following, arranged the first disputed relation to the hitherto and now in their competence reduced elder and still rankly oriented authorities. The Geheime Cabinet was disbanded in November 1831.

The Landes- Oeconomie- Manufactur- and Commerzien Deputation
To the end of the 7-Years-War was set up by rescript of 26.04.1762 the Restaurationskommission. Its final report at 19.11.1763 included the basics and guidelines to the national restoration. To perform this worked out principles was set up, by rescript of 11.02.1764, the Landes- Oeconomie- Manufactur- and Commerzien Deputation. Their workfield concerned to all economy affairs and was a contact-place for wishes and troubles of manufactorers, producers, businessmen and farmers. The deputies had to confer about the movement of population and statistics, education and lessons, agrarian affairs including forest-economy, hunt and fishery, trade and manufactories. But they had further just reporting character, mostly to the Geheimes Cabinet. Though the further missing allow for decisions they were, since 1816, able to rule with direct orders to the Prämien-Casse. 1831 their business was given over to Landesdirektion and 1835 to the Saxon Innenministerium.

The Prämien-Casse
The Prämien-Casse was also instituted 1764, and it was endowed with the income of the different chamber-estates and domains. It supported inventions and special performances for the well of the land, and gave advanced and additional supply to the producers. With premium they were able to rule a specific settlement and development of business-trees in underdeveloped parts of the land. The Prämien-Casse, which was hitherto subordinated to the Geheimes Cabinet and the Saxon King, was at 27.09.1816 subordinated to the Landes- Oeconomie- Manufactur- and Commerzien Deputation. This was an evidence of trust and a shorten of the way of order. The lodging of the Prämien-Casse was till 1818 in the ground-floor of the Kingly Palace above the great portal at the Schloßgasse and moved after 1818 to the Augustusstraße. The occasional expenditure amounted between 1764 and 1827 to the proud sum of 2 ¼ million Taler. 1831 the business of the Prämien-Casse changed over to the Landesdirektion and 1835 to the Saxon Innenministerium, where further made premium for inventions.

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